We build a wide range of Internet systems including Web sites, E-commerce, custom internet-based and office suites.

The Internet is going mobile and we are there. Zendisoft.com develops web sites and applications specially written for mobile devices.

Custom internet-based office suites and is a new product we are developing. The office suites are Internet based software packages over an internet server. You can work as a group from anywhere. This is your custom space on the cloud. When you want to know what is going on within your organization you don't want to spend an hour cutting through spam. My Group only email systems are custom built to your needs and allow only your members to communicate.

We develop and maintain web based dynamic systems using a wide range of tools including ASP, ASP.net, SQL Server, and MySQL.

My background includes a degree in Mechanical Engineering and we have used my education and work experience in this field for developing web sites for industry.

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